DIY: Step-By-Step Guide to Mercedes-Benz Key Battery Replacement

November 15th, 2018 by

Opened Mercedes-Benz key fob and battery
Are your Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s doors failing to unlock or lock? Is your SmartKey® not working? Most likely, your malfunctioning key means that it’s time for a Mercedes-Benz key battery replacement. Thankfully, replacing a key battery on your own takes only a few minutes. Learn how to change your Mercedes-Benz key battery in just a few simple steps with help from the team at Fletcher Jones Imports!

How to Change a Mercedes-Benz Key Battery For Your SmartKey®

Step 1: Hold the key in your hand by the keychain.
mercedes-benz key
Step 2: Pull the sliding tab, and pull out the valet key.
mercedes-benz key
Step 3: Move the valet key to the opposite side of where it can be fully inserted, then push down.
mercedes-benz key        mercedes-benz key
Step 4: Remove the key backing, and replace the battery.
mercedes-benz key         mercedes-benz key
Step 5: Reassemble the SmartKey®, then test for proper functionality.
mercedes-benz key

How to Change the Key Battery for the Mercedes-Benz Chrome Key

If you own a newer Mercedes-Benz model, chances are you might actually have a Chrome Key. Opening your Mercedes-Benz key and changing the battery differs slightly with the Chrome key:

  • Pull on the bottom tab of the key, away from the rest of the fob. Pull until the key releases.
  • Then, you should see a small gap in the fob where the key was. Press the key into the flat end of the fob to open the Chrome Key’s cover.
  • Once you remove the key cover, you’ll be able to see the battery. Remove the battery, and replace it with the new one while making sure the correct side is facing up.

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