Receive an Expert Mercedes-Benz “Check Engine” Light Diagnosis in Las Vegas


If the “Check Engine” light is looming on your dash, don’t panic! In many cases, the problem can be resolved by simply replacing a broken or missing engine component. A complex engine overhaul isn’t usually necessary. To reach a “Check Engine” light diagnosis, our technicians will conduct a thorough under-the-hood inspection. Look below for more information on what typically triggers this notification and what our service center can do to bring your Mercedes-Benz vehicle back up to peak condition!

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Why is Your “Check Engine” Light On?

The “Check Engine” light could be glowing for several reasons – many of which can be easily fixed. During an inspection, our Mercedes-Benz Certified Technicians will check for the following:

  • Loose, Lost, or Cracked Gas Cap: Small yet crucial, the gas cap safeguards fuel, prevents the inhalation of gasoline fumes, and retains the correct amount of pressure in the fuel system. Without a tightly secured gas cap, you’ll likely lose fuel, requiring more frequent fill-ups.
  • Worn Spark Plug/Wires: The spark plug wires transfer a spark from the ignition coil to the spark plug itself, allowing it to ignite the air and fuel inside the combustion chamber. Failing to replace a damaged spark plug and wires can potentially leave you stranded.
  • Faulty Oxygen Sensor: Your vehicle’s oxygen sensor has one job: to measure the unburned oxygen in the exhaust system. A broken oxygen sensor can have negative effects, including reduced fuel economy due to excess fuel burning.
  • Broken Mass Airflow Sensor: The mass airflow sensor measures air as it flows into the engine and decides how much fuel is needed. Without a working mass airflow sensor, the engine won’t get the right air/fuel combination, resulting in decreased performance and fuel economy.
  • Damaged Catalytic Converter: The catalytic converter helps protect air quality by converting carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. If your car’s catalytic converter isn’t working properly, the engine won’t pass an emissions test and puts you and those around you at risk.

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