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You’ve found the new car of your dreams near North Las Vegas, but what do you do about financing? Shoppers have two options when it comes to securing an auto loan: dealer financing or bank auto financing. In truth, both have their benefits. To decide which is the right financial path for you to take to vehicle ownership, Fletcher Jones Imports has created this helpful guide to these two financing options below. 

Dealer Finance Benefits

Choosing the dealer finance option offers convenience, as you can get a loan from the same place you’re buying your vehicle. Other advantages include: 

  • Dealers can work with you to determine if buying or leasing your next vehicle would be in your best interest. 
  • Some banks limit the age and mileage of the vehicle they provide loans for, which can be an issue if you’re shopping for a pre-owned vehicle
  • You only need to fill out one credit application, which you can often do online.
  • Dealers shop your loan to multiple lenders; this can help you get more competitive terms and rates as lenders vie for your business. 
  • Certain dealers specialize in working with buyers who have credit issues.
  • You may be able to negotiate other costs, like your down payment, if you opt for dealer financing. 
  • Many dealers offer financing incentives that can knock more off your vehicle’s price. 
Couple signing finance papers for car

Bank Auto Financing Benefits

When considering an auto loan, it may make sense to think of bank auto financing first. After all, you are already a customer there. While bank auto financing isn’t without its benefits, such as an ability to set internal rates, it’s still beneficial to check with a dealership since you’ll get more loan options to choose from with your dealership application. 

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Along with offering many of the dealer finance benefits listed above, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services brings first-class service to Fletcher Jones Imports customers. With Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, shoppers near Pahrump can enjoy benefits such as: 

  • Exclusive Finance Offers Take advantage of programs and offers like our Loyalty Program Accelerator and to secure a great price or payment plan. 
  • Leasing and Financing Options – Choose between affordable leasing and financing options, including balloon financing payment plans. 
  • Automatic Payments – Set up your payments online and your car loan payment will be automatically deducted from your selected bank account. 
  • First Class Finish – Enjoy easy lease returns and possible incentives towards your next Mercedes-Benz lease. 
  • Available Warranty Coverage – Purchase extra or extended warranties to keep your vehicle protected. 

Begin Dealer Financing Today at Fletcher Jones Imports!

To start financing with Fletcher Jones Imports, you can start by using our payment calculator to estimate a payment plan that works for your budget. Once you’ve arrived at a desirable plan, you can either complete the online finance application or speak with our finance team about your next steps!


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