How to Use Your Mercedes-Benz DVD Changer

How do you use the Mercedes-Benz DVD changer? If you prefer to listen to music on a disc, we have you covered. Keep reading or watch the video below to learn how to use your Mercedes-Benz DVD changer.

  1. To load one disc, press the load eject button
  2. The disc icons on your screen indicate which compartments are filled
  3. Rotate the command controller to select an empty compartment, then press down
  4. Insert the disc insert into the slot, and the last inserted disc will play automatically
  5. To load all empty compartments, select fill empty slots and follow the screen prompts
  6. To eject one disc, rotate the command controller to select the disc you want to eject, then press down
  7. Wait for the disc to be ejected and then remove it
  8. To eject all discs, select eject all

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