Repair Your MB Van Brakes at Fletcher Jones Imports in Las Vegas

Brake Repair

Commercial drivers in the Las Vegas area deliver excellent service every day. Over time, however, that same dedication results in accumulated vehicle damages that can impact a business fleet’s capacities over the long term. The brakes are one of the most vulnerable components of heavy-duty MB vans, and it’s never too soon to treat them to regular maintenance! Whether you’re experiencing major issues or minor concerns, the Master Certified Technicians at Fletcher Jones Imports have what it takes to get you moving smoothly once again.

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Brake Repairs and Maintenance

Every visit to our authorized service center begins when our technicians use their specialized diagnostics technologies to identify potential issues with your Mercedes commercial van. Thanks to those technologies, as well as years of experience, we can easily locate brake problems – from normal wear to fluid leakage. With regular maintenance, we can catch issues such as these before they pose real difficulties for you, your drivers, and customers.

It’s never too late to schedule maintenance with us. At our authorized service center, all of our repairs are carried out using genuine, certified Mercedes-Benz parts! Even if you’ve been experiencing major problems, our technicians have the tools to restore your brakes to factory-grade condition. The same just can’t be said for third party garages.

Authorized Service, Master Technicians

There are many advantages to having your brakes serviced at Fletcher Jones Imports of Las Vegas! Like all Mercedes-Benz-authorized service centers, we employ Master Certified Technicians who have been specially trained to work on the unique, complex machines that have been crafted by Mercedes-Benz. In contrast to other Las Vegas area mechanics, our technicians have mastered the workings of Mercedes commercial vans.

Repair Your Brakes Today!

It’s never a good idea to leave the quality of your brakes to chance. We’re equally well suited to perform repairs on both the Sprinter and the Metris, and you can service your entire fleet at the Fletcher Jones Imports service center. Your customers depend on you, and we know that you depend on your MB vans! Contact us at (702) 364-2701 to schedule maintenance or repairs with our technicians today!