Get Expert Mercedes-Benz Tire Repair in Las Vegas

Tire Repair

Your Mercedes-Benz is a high-performance automobile, but damaged or worn tires will affect your overall performance. Las Vegas area drivers can trust the Tire Center at Fletcher Jones Imports when they have a tire that’s in need of repair. If your sidewall is scratched, the tread is worn, or you have a flat, our Master Certified technicians can fix your damaged tire and keep you safe on the road for miles to come.

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Worn Tread and Damaged Sidewalls

Your tires have a specified PSI rating to ensure they are properly inflated to factory recommended settings. The tread and sidewalls can be damaged if your tires are underinflated, as the tire flattens out and more surface area contacts the street, or in the case of overinflation, less surface than intended comes in contact with the road. This repair isn’t something we take lightly, as the tire needs to be fully removed from the wheel and both the inside and outside thoroughly inspected to ensure a repair is appropriate. The Master Certified technicians at Fletcher Jones Imports have a keenly trained eye for these types of repairs, helping you to extend the life of your tire.

Flat Tires

If you’ve recently had a flat tire, whether from a nail or other road hazard, your tire may still have a lot of miles left in it. Depending on the location and type of puncture, we may be able to repair your tire! Let our technicians inspect your flat tire and determine if it’s eligible for a repair. If it is, we’ll swiftly and expertly repair your tire so it’s ready for action.

Damaged Wheels

Sometimes quick maneuvering like taking a corner a little tighter can result in a damaged rim or wheel, but that doesn’t mean your wheel is a lost cause! The Master Certified technicians at Fletcher Jones Imports can repair your wheel so manufacturer standards, saving you the cost of a brand new wheel. We are trained to expertly repair brands like Mercedes-Benz, AMG®, Lorinser and Brabus®, so we can keep the wheels on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle looking like they’re new!

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The Tire Center at Fletcher Jones Imports is available Monday through Saturday to help you with any tire repair needs. Contact us online to schedule a tire consultation, or give us a call at (702) 364-2701.