Tire Repair and Replacement for Your Mercedes-Benz Vans


Your drivers spend a lot of time on the road, and they need tires that are going to carry them forward. Mercedes commercial vans, such as the Sprinter and the Metris, possess extremely durable drivetrains. To reach their full potential, however, they require regular tire replacement and tire repairs. Pay a visit to the authorized service center at Fletcher Jones Imports the next time you need to service your vehicles! Our Master Certified Technicians work only with genuine parts to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz continues to perform to factory standards.

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When to Service Your Tires

Pulling,” in particular, is a result of not caring for your tires over an extended period. Typically, it indicates a need for wheel well repair, wheel alignment, or even suspension repair. In general, drivers should base their decision on the depth of their tires’ treads: if you see less than 1/8th of an inch of tread depth, then it’s time to visit our facilities. Other signs of tire or wheel problems include:

  • Uneven tire wear or tread wear
  • Poor traction or grip
  • Sidewall cracks or bulging
  • “Pulling” to either side

“Pulling,” in particular, could result from failing to care for your tires over an extended period, and it signals a problem with your vehicle’s wheel wells or wheel alignment. Rest assured, our technicians possess the tools and experience to service even this issue.

Mercedes-Benz Authorized Service Center

It’s important to entrust your Mercedes commercial vans to technicians that understand their complex workings. Compared to other mechanics in the Las Vegas area, our Master Certified Technicians possess an unrivaled knowledge of the Sprinter and the Metris Vans. Like all Mercedes-Benz-authorized service centers, we require our employees to demonstrate a detailed understanding of Mercedes-Benz engineering before they can even begin to work on your vehicles. What’s more, all of the tires and parts that we use in our repairs are genuine, certified Mercedes-Benz parts.

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It’s never too soon to start protecting your MB vans’ tires. When you schedule tire repairs with Fletcher Jones Imports, every aspect of the treatment you receive will live up to the quality you expect from the likes of Mercedes-Benz. To schedule a service appointment, contact our team at (702) 364-2701, or visit our dealership at 7300 West Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas, NV.