The History of Nevada Day

October 27th, 2016 by

A Quick History of Nevada and the Importance of Nevada Day.


Here in Nevada we have a rich history dating back to the  California Gold Rush of the 1800’s. During the California Gold Rush, the territory we now know as Nevada, was rich in Silver and Gold. While miners and prospectors focused on finding Gold they where throwing away a slurry of blue-ish dirt that was later to be found to contain Silver. Once the importance of Silver was recognized Nevada became a major producer of Silver. That is why today Nevada is called the Silver State.

On October 31st, 1864 Nevada became part of the union and a fully fledged state. During this time Nevada became one of the two territories to be come states during the Civil War, and Nevada was the second. Nevada Day is celebrated, irrespective of date, on the last Friday of October and is an official state holiday. This is due to an attempt to get more people involved in the holiday and give people a three day weekend.

During Nevada Day, there is a parade in our capital, Carson City, an annual carnival, and activities showing our pride in our state. Like most holidays, banks, schools, and social services are closed through out the state in celebration. We here at Fletcher Jones however, is open for both service and sales. We hope you will enjoy what Nevada holds for you. Whether it is the beauty of Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, Lake Tahoe, and everything in between or just a great place to call home.

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