Meet the Team! Sandy Wolff – Salesperson

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What do you do here?

I am in sales here, as a salesperson my job is to get people to come in and look for cars and facilitate the purchase of a new or pre-owned car. My original start date was April 1st 2004, in 2008 I went on sabbatical so technically I am just under working here for 10 years.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Northern California in a little town called Loomis (no it isn’t where the money trucks come from!) My family was in Agriculture and as such I went to UC Fresno for college majoring in Agriculture. In 1976 I showed the Champion Steer at the Cow Palace. My first job out of college was to inspect produce for the USDA and to this day I am a great gardener. I was a fitness trainer, aerobics instructor, marathon runner, and track coach in Las Vegas for 22 years before coming to work for Fletcher Jones Imports. I have two daughters and four grandchildren that keep me busy, my two daughters have bought cars from myself. I go with my family to go skiing often and when we are not skiing we are hiking. I am very competitive and I like to win, my children and grandchildren I believe got that trait from me. I have a boyfriend of two years that I met when I sold him a car here. My boyfriend likes to win as well but I generally win when we play backgammon!

How important is it to make sure people have a pleasant time here at Fletcher Jones?

I love to have fun here at Fletcher Jones and I like to make our customers feel at home by telling stories. Making customers comfortable and happy is a big goal of mine, by doing this people are more relaxed and are more excited to be getting their new or preowned car.

What is your favorite part of the job?

I have lots of favorite parts of the job, some of them are:

I am very proud to work for both Mercedes-Benz® and especially Fletcher Jones because we are a family owned operation, by being a family owned operation we have a great feel about us and when it’s the end of the month and things get busy we are putting in many hours at the dealership. It keeps me on my toes.

I love when the dealership buys us lunch in Saturday’s, it makes me feel like a part in something much bigger than myself!

I also love our training classes and seminars that Mercedes-Benz® puts on. For me, selling Mercedes-Benz® makes me feel ‘hip’.

What is your favorite Mercedes-Benz® we currently produce?

My favorite car we currently produce is the S-Class. I think it is a very exciting car that competes with other models in it’s class and wins! I love the cars in matte paint they look fantastic.

What is your favorite Mercedes-Benz® we have ever produced?

My favorite car Mercedes-Benz® has ever made is the SLS AMG® Gullwing, I love that car and it will be a classic for sure!

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