Our Technicians Are More Than Just That, They’re Mercedes-Benz Masters!

December 9th, 2015 by

By the numbers:

31 Technicians –  23 Master Certified

52 Service Bays  – 432 years of MB Experience

2,450 Average RO’s a month

1,800 Gallons of oil changed in a month!

What comes to your mind when you think about the person who repairs your car?  Is it a mechanic that taught themselves while tinkering on their parents vehicle?  Is it someone who just replaces parts on a car?  A Fletcher Jones Imports Mercedes-Benz technician couldn’t be further from those thoughts.  The difference between a mechanic and an automotive technician is education.  The journey to become a Mercedes-Benz technician is a lengthy and very disciplined process.  Many of the technicians in the service department earned college degrees in Automotive Technology.  Others started as apprentices and worked alongside a mentor to for many years learning their trade.  A person doesn’t become a technician because they need a job.  A person becomes a technician because there is a passion for automobiles.

To be a Mercedes-Benz automotive technician means you must be skilled in many different areas including computer networking, electronics, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, upholstery, hydraulics, human machine interfaces, physics, and even physiologists amongst others.  Grant Fawcett says “We’re working on the cutting edge of technology.  Technicians at any other auto manufacturer don’t see the kind of technology we have.  Other Manufacturers wait to see what Mercedes-Benz comes out with and then copies our ideas.”  The ultimate goal of a Mercedes-Benz technician is to become Master Certified.  To become Master Certified not only takes knowledge, but also experience.  A technician cannot even be considered for Master Certification status without at least 3 years of hands on experience in a dealership workshop.  There are also continual classes located throughout the country at different training centers that need to be passed to maintain Master Certification status – We can say proudly that over 80%  at our dealership are Master Certified.  What’s even more impressive than that is the majority of those Master Technicians have been at this specific dealership for over 10 years!

The education is never ending there are always new concepts and technologies that must not only be learn, but also mastered within a short period of time.  Chris Hann was asked what’s the most impressive technology lately he said, “The new direct injection engines use fuel injectors that have Piezo crystals inside of them.  The engine control module applies high voltage to the crystals which gets them to move fractions of a millimeter and opens the fuel injector in ten of thousandths of a second.”  To put into perspective how fast the technology changes Stuart Measures says “When I first started working for Mercedes a little over ten years ago I thought the supercharged 55 engines were impressive with 469hp.  Now we have twin turbo V8 engines that have 577hp and get better gas mileage.”   One of the things that the technicians at this dealership are most proud of is the comradery.  Eddie Sandoval says. “I’ve worked at a few different dealerships where people were mostly out for themselves, but here everyone is willing to help each other out.”  The sense of pride that a Mercedes-Benz technician has is above all other manufacturers in the world.  Kyle Kuroda says “As a technician working on Mercedes-Benz we don’t follow the conventional path, instead we blaze a trail for others to follow through innovation and the commitment to ‘the best or nothing’.”  One of the biggest advocates of the Mercedes-Benz technician is Gareth Joyce.  Gareth is the vice president of customer service for MBUSA.  He sums it up by saying “They (technicians) are heroes.  They are incredibly talented, capable individuals who are well skilled and should be proud of that.”

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