Receive Superior Metris and Sprinter Van Engine Repair at Fletcher Jones Imports

Your Mercedes-Benz commercial van might just be the bedrock of your business, and its engine is the powerfully beating heart that keeps it running at peak performance. Naturally enough, Metris and Sprinter engines are precision-engineered to work hard throughout every last working day, so you can expect yours to keep purring confidently for years to come. If any engine repair work is necessary, you can trust the Mercedes-Benz Certified Technicians working at your local Sprinter Authorized Service Center to restore it to its former condition.

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Mercedes-Benz Service and Parts

Your Sprinter or Metris engine is required to haul heavy loads and cover long distances throughout each working day. Even for state-of-the-art powerhouses, that’s a lot to ask for, so regular maintenance work and repairs should be carried out at a Sprinter Authorized Service Center center by Mercedes-Benz Certified Technicians.

Nobody understands the unique performance and construction of Sprinter and Metris engines better than the teams of technicians who have been singled out by Mercedes-Benz for the role. Any parts that need replacing, from gas caps to spark plugs, will have met with the Mercedes-Benz nod of approval, and all replacement fluids will have been specially created to deal with the intense demands of a Sprinter or Metris engine.

Common Engine Repairs

While every repair job is a unique operation, there are some issues that are common across commercial vehicles. Signs that your engine might require expert attention include:

    • Activated Check Engine Light: If this light comes on, it could be down to anything from a faulty catalytic converter to extensive engine damage, so don’t ignore it.
    • Performance Issues: If your van starts to suffer while accelerating, jerk while cruising, make a ticking noise, or struggle with heavier loads, the engine might require work.
    • Smoke from the Exhaust: Any heavy blue, black, or grey smoke emanating from the exhaust should be considered a cause for concern.

Don’t Ignore Necessary Mercedes-Benz Van Engine Repair!

If you want to keep covering the roads of Spring Valley and Summerlin, you need your engine to be working at 100%. That means keeping up with Sprinter oil service and more with our Sprinter Authorized Service Center at . To schedule a service appointment, contact us at (702) 364-2701, or visit our dealership at 7300 West Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas, NV!