Why OEM Mercedes-Benz Parts And Accessories? 

February 10th, 2021 by

Updated September 2023. The Fletcher Jones Imports Service Team recommends choosing OEM Mercedes-Benz parts and accessories. Here’s why:
OEM vs. Aftermarket  

  1. OEM Mercedes-Benz Parts & Accessories – Each part is designed specifically for your Mercedes-Benz to offer the perfect fit, superior performance, reliability and longevity! Plus, you’ll have peace of mind with Mercedes-Benz Parts Limited Warranty. 

  3. Aftermarket Parts & Accessories –  Yes, they may come at a lower cost; however, you will not receive the same level of precision, quality and performance found with genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and accessories. Additionally, they are not capable of handling the advanced systems of your Mercedes-Benz.


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Mercedes-Benz Parts Limited Warranty

When you choose Mercedes-Benz original parts and accessories, you choose peace of mind with Mercedes-Benz Parts Limited Warranty. This includes:

  • 24 Months, Unlimited Mileage
  • 24 Months or 24,000 miles for transmissions
  • 48 Months or 50,000 miles for the engine and long blocks. This is the same coverage that new Mercedes-Benz vehicles receive

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