What is Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO® and KEYLESS START®?

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Close-up of Push Start ignition inside Mercedes-Benz vehicle

As you review the many new Mercedes-Benz technology features, you may be wondering, “What is Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO®, and how it is different from KEYLESS START®?” When you compare the Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS START® vs. KEYLESS GO® systems, you’ll find in both cases a SmartKey® feature that won’t leave you fumbling around in your bag or pockets in Summerlin. Learn more about how these convenient Mercedes-Benz features can provide keyless entry and more at Fletcher Jones Imports!

Comparing Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS START® vs. KEYLESS GO®

With both systems, you can simply leave your Mercedes-Benz SmartKey® in your bag or pocket, and then you can operate your vehicle with ease. The main difference between the two systems is the degree to which you can operate your vehicle key-free:

  • KEYLESS START®: With Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS START®, all you need to do step on the brake or press the Start/Stop button on the dashboard to start your car.
  • KEYLESS GO®: When you look at the Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO® system, you’ll find it’s essentially an upgrade of KEYLESS START®. You can start your engine the same way you would with KEYLESS START®, but KEYLESS GO® also gives you the ability to automatically unlock/lock the doors by simply touching the door handle.

How Do I Know If My Mercedes-Benz Has KEYLESS GO® or KEYLESS START®?

Luckily for Las Vegas drivers, KEYLESS START® is found standard throughout much of the new Mercedes-Benz lineup. If you’re interested solely in the KEYLESS GO® system, get in touch with the team at Fletcher Jones Imports. We’ll help you find a new Mercedes-Benz with the technologies you want.

How to Use Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO®?

When you’re in a rush in North Las Vegas, experience the ease and convenience of unlocking, locking, starting, and stopping your Mercedes-Benz with the KEYLESS GO® system. What’s more, you can even close your windows and sunroof while outside your vehicle just by having your SmartKey® near your Mercedes-Benz! Here is how to properly operate this handy feature:

  • Grab the driver’s door handle firmly to unlock your door, or grab a passenger’s handle to unlock all the doors. Once behind the wheel, you’ll find a removable push button located in the ignition. You can use this to start and stop your vehicle or remove it to manually start your vehicle with your SmartKey®.
  • If you choose to operate the Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO® system via the button, keep in mind each press is like turning the key one position. One touch will turn on the vehicle’s accessories.
  • To turn on the dash lights and electrical systems, press the button a second time.
  • To turn all features off, press the button a third time with your foot off the brake, or you can simply open the door.
  • To turn on the engine, step on the brake and push the START/STOP button. To turn the engine off, you’ll want to shift to park and leave your foot on the brake, then press the START/STOP button once again.
  • A sensor located on the door handle makes it easy to lock doors or close the windows and roof from the outside. Simply press the sensor to lock the doors, and then leave your finger on it until the windows finish closing.

Experience the Convenience of a Mercedes-Benz at Fletcher Jones Imports

To truly experience how the Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO® system and KEYLESS START® system can enhance your Pahrump trips, schedule a test drive at Fletcher Jones Imports. We can show you first-hand the ways Mercedes-Benz technology, including the COMAND® systemATTENTION ASSIST®, and MBUX, can improve your time on the roads!

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