What is Mercedes-Benz DISTRONIC PLUS®?

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DISTRONIC PLUS® is an advanced adaptive cruise control system created by Mercedes-Benz. The feature can automatically brake, accelerate, and maintain a set amount of space between you and the vehicle ahead, which helps make driving down those Pahrump roads safer. DISTRONIC PLUS® is also paired with Steering Assist, which helps keep drivers in their detected lane. Learn more about how this Mercedes-Benz adaptive cruise control feature works with the team at Fletcher Jones Imports.


Mercedes-Benz DISTRONIC PLUS® does not come standard. The system, however, is available on many new Mercedes-Benz vehicles, including the GLC, C-ClassE-Class, and upcoming 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC.


Mercedes-Benz DISTRONIC PLUS® can help your car slow down or stop entirely by using up to 40% of your car’s braking force. If more than 40% of the braking force is needed to stop safely or avoid a collision, your vehicle will both visually and audibly warn you to apply more braking power.

How Do You Activate DISTRONIC PLUS®?

DISTRONIC PLUS® automatically turns on and works at speeds between 20 mph and 125 mph. If you want to adjust this feature on your vehicle, you must accelerate to at least 20 mph to set your vehicle’s cruise control. Then, press the left lever next to your steering wheel up or down to increase or decrease the speed of your vehicle. If you want to change the amount of distance between your car and the car ahead of you, rotate the end of your cruise control lever.

Learn More About DISTRONIC PLUS® at Fletcher Jones Imports!

Contact us to learn more about DISTRONIC PLUS® or other popular Mercedes-Benz features like PRESAFE® and mbrace®. To test out these cutting-edge technologies in person, visit Fletcher Jones Imports. We are just a short drive from Summerlin and North Las Vegas!

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